Escape Room Mansfield

In more recent years a new pastime that some have dubbed a fad has emerged and some attribute it to former gamers turned adults, who are looking for an break from computer monitors and screens. Escape Room Mansfield provides a unique experience for 2 to 12 people or players. This intriguing adventure typically has it’s on story line, like thieves getting stuck in a vault during a height, and needing to find their way out before time elapses. To accomplish this, there are typically puzzles that must be solved, or hidden objects that have to be found. There could be ciphers or actual physical objects that have to be manipulated in order to win or escape. The time frame normally given is 60 minutes, but this is plenty of time for an astute adventurist or amateur detective to complete. Various groups are finding the activity fun and invigorating. From co workers on team building exercises to family outings, friends hanging out; or even a first date.

With this Escape Room Mansfield, and companies similar, are providing a social, psychical alternative to both video and PC games. Working together with your chosen teammates, in a confined space; along with the added tension of a countdown to accomplish your goal can be invigorating. Not to mention the brain stimulating puzzles that you are required to complete. All without a keyboard, mouse, controller or headset. Often times there is a host, or game master, who goes over the story and can provide clues if asked. And you don’t have to be exceptionally brilliant to complete the tasks, however; it does require communication and team work to successfully complete and escape with your team. The activity is really similar to a live action video game.

escape room mansfield

Escape Rooms were began as inspiration for video games in Japan and reached the United States about 2 years ago and have quickly been spreading across the globe. Escape Room Mansfield is among those that have arisen across the country. Room themes can be unlimited, based on any story line that can be imagined. From fantasy, horror, science fiction, or even a soap opera theme. Inspiration for the theme can come from any source. For young adults who once found it fun and exciting to sit in front of a screen for hours and play games, having entered the work force and being required to sit in front of those same screens, has no doubt contributed to the success of the genre. Some companies are even using the rooms as a training device. Where new trainees or recruits are paired up and monitored during their escape room adventure as they work together to communicate and solve puzzles. After they have either succeeded or failed, they are critiqued by their peers. And lessons learned during the process are translated and applied as applicable, whether the position is in a call center or as an engineer. Another growing group of participants has been church groups. Escape Room Mansfield provides, just as it’s name insinuates; a great escape.