Escape Room Roanoke

Escape room Roanoke is a game set in the heart of Roanoke. It lasts for one hour where the player is expected to have successfully exited from the room, otherwise the player dies. This game is like a real life video where after paying to enter, players are trapped in a room and are forced to look for clues and figure out puzzles in order to get out of the room.

Escape room Roanoke has four rooms where the players are expected to break the codes to proceed to the next level. Players in Escape room Roanoke are faced by several threats including being eaten by aliens and facing the danger of death incase Oxygen runs out. The player in Escape room Roanoke is expected to use his/her wits to avoid the snares of death. In the first room, the player wakes up and finds himself in an empty room with a single window. He is to find the key hidden at the ceiling using a machete placed at the window. The player uses the machete to break the window.

Outside the room he sees men peeping and getting closer. This is threat number one. They are aliens who will in turn feed on him if he fails to succeed. He uses one of the window rails to tear ta the ceiling where he finds the key. The second room sees the player faced by a bigger challenge. The room has no Oxygen, he is using a gas tank which has a leak. The player has fifteen minutes to get the Key hidden inside the wall hanging or otherwise lose after he/she runs out of Oxygen.

After a player(s) successfully retrieves the key, he proceeds to the next room. This game gets trickier and harder as you advance. Escape room Roanoke room three has the player(s) try to decipher codes by using objects and pictures. The player should pick a broom placed next to the window and break the mirror in the room which has an old scroll with a number puzzle almost like sudoku. Once the player figures the missing numbers, he identifies the pattern and uses it to open the safe by the bed. There he finds a valve which he uses to turn the electric meter by the door which automatically turns the light on and alas the key is hanging on the door. Was there all along. In the games’ last room; room number four, has a bed, a bed lamp, a table and a box of matches. The player taps the bed lamp which shows a deck of cards. The player has to hold each card against the light to find one which has four numbers which are a code for opening the box on the table. In the box, there is a card which opens a safe beside the window. The player finds a roll of money which he/she puts in the backpack. Under the table there is a knife. The player lights a matchstick and burns the knife which he uses to pick the lock and escape.