Escape Room Southlake

Start with this article if you’re a beginner and you’ve never been to an escape room southlake (or if you’ve been, but want to know more about this type of game).

What is an escape room?
An escape room southlake is a game; But not a children’s game, one for adults and kids. The concept is simple: you and your team (2-6 people) are locked in a room you need to escape. For this you have to find hidden objects in the room, put your mind to the contribution and solve various puzzles (riddles, games) that will lead you to escape. If it was not clear, the game is real, not computer; Practically you will enter a real room where you have to find objects and solve puzzles for good. It’s exciting and fun!

What do you mean, I’m locked in a room? How long will I stay stuck if I do not solve puzzles?
There is no problem, stay calm. The length of the game is usually 60 minutes, while you have to solve the room enigmas and find the exit key yourself. But if you do not, then the door will open anyway (usually after 60 minutes) and you will leave the room as losers. If you want to go to the bathroom during the game or you get claustrophobia, then you can contact the camera operator and you can get out early without any problems. It’s just a game.

Are not we bored? What do we do 60 minutes in the room if we do not manage to go out?
60 minutes will pass very quickly, believe us. You do not have time to get bored because there will be many puzzles to solve and objects to find. Even in four people there are so many things to do that you will not know when time has passed. And if you stay in inspiration or you jam in a puzzle you can ask the camera operator’s hints. Each room has a system where you can request a limited number of clues.

escape room southlake

What kind of puzzles do I expect? How do I find the key to get out of the room?
The creativity and imagination of designers is great. You will find countless types of puzzles that you have to solve: the discovery of keys or other hidden objects through the room; Use or combine objects to discover new indices that will help you along the way; Unpacking of numeric or alphanumeric codes that are then used to open locks or phone numbers; Operating machines and machines that help you unravel the puzzles; Interpreting information from books, journals, or other sources of inspiration from the room; And many more. At the end you will discover the key that helps you to open the camera door and escape.

Is it sure to be a game of adults and not just for children?
Definitely yes, think about this: Many rooms are based on a story, with scenario, decors and musical background – all very cool. As you find clues and solve puzzles, the story advances. It’s like a movie in which the actors are you and your team. In other rooms there is no story, just mysterious codes and devices. The difficulty of the rooms differs, but in general the puzzles are not very simple but thoughtful for adults. You must use your full brain. Try once and escape room southlake games will catch you!

How much does it cost?
You will pay a fee per team member depending on the number of players, usually between 10 and 20 usd/person.

How do I choose an escape room southlake? There are many ones available..
For each escape room southlake, we included all the required data on our site: a brief description, price information, number of players, location, contact details, story type. If the team visited that room then we also include a brief review, along with the note we have and the strengths / weaknesses. All of the presentation pages include pictures made public by those who designed the room. You have enough information to choose from.
How do I participate in a game? Do I just introduce myself to the indicated addresses?
Not! First, we have a team of 2-6 people (we recommend four people), then choose the game you want to go to. It is mandatory to make a reservation! Each room has an online reservation page – you will find it in the presentation page of each room on website. Do not present yourself without reservation because you may not be accepted. Careful! For operators operating multiple rooms, be sure to choose the desired room from the online booking page; The selected camera by default might be different from the escape room southlake you want to make a reservation for. One all of the above have been completed, feel free to have fun and take on this incredible journey of puzzle solving.

What are we doing next?
Look at the information provided and choose a room that suits your taste. As we said, you have all the information you need on the site. Once you’ve decided, go to the online booking page of your chosen room and make a reservation (the link for each booking page is on your room profile on Introduce yourself 10 minutes ahead to have instruction. Otherwise, you do not need anything – everything you need will be inside the escape room southlake.